Schedule Options

CTSAC Schedule Commitment Options

Before and After School Programs

Bellaire | Crestview | Hamilton | LeTort | Mooreland | Mt.Holly | N.Dickinson

Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 8:30am | 3:30pm – 5:30pm 

Grade Levels: K – 5

  • Full Time Commitment : {Monday – Friday} AM Programs Only | PM Programs Only | AM and PM Programs
  • Part Time Commitment:  Selected AM Programs | Selected PM Programs
  • Rotating Two – Week Commitment: Selected programs based on Parent’s weekly rotating work schedule.
  • Flexible Commitment: {1 day per week minimum} Selected programs based on weekly Parent needs. Parent required to notify CTSAC Office every Wednesday by noon prior to week of care.
  • Varied Commitment: Parents must contact CTSAC Office 24 business hours prior to program needs.

Full Day Care Program

Full Day Care Programs are offered to enrolled CTSAC children who have off from school due to Holiday Breaks and Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Bellaire | 905 Waggoner’s Gap Road, Carlisle, PA

Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 5:30pm

Grade Levels: K – 5

  • Full Day Charge: $39.00 | per day | per child
  • Full Day Registration is required – no walk-ins please.
  • Bag lunch required – no access to a microwave.
  • Sneakers required to participate in group games and for outside play.

*  CTSAC will not issue a refund for cancelations.  

Summer Camp Program 2018

June 4 – August 10, 2018

Bellaire | 905 Waggoner’s Gap Road, Carlisle, PA

Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 5:30pm

Grade Levels: Entering Grade K –  Entering Grade 6

  • Full Time: $158.00 | per week | per child
  • Part Time: $48.00 | per day | per child

CTSAC does reserve the right to decline services if we feel that we cannot meet your child’s needs in our program. A notice of seven (7) days will be issued to allow parents/guardians to find alternative care. CTSAC teachers are trained to greatly exceed the minimal standards mandated by the State. We do not provide training for our staff in specific mental health areas. If you have questions regarding your child’s specific needs please call the CTSAC Office.