Welcome to CTSAC!

Shaping Emotionally Intelligent Children through active play

ChildTime School Age Care is a privately owned small business affiliated with the Carlisle Area School District for over 30 years.

CTSAC offers high quality Before and After School Programs, Full Day Programs and Summer Camp for each of the elementary schools within the Carlisle Area School District for children in Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

CTSAC Programs are licensed through the Department of Human Services. DHS Guidelines

Dedicated to creating an inspiring environment, CTSAC encourages individual growth in problem solving, empathy and team building. Our teachers promote healthy and respectful relationships through consistent expectations and our program routine provides security for children to build resiliency. With resiliency, children can discover confidence in themselves with every new challenge, allowing them to grow into strong young adults.

CTSAC participates with the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC). — ELRC

Free Choice Centers

Children attending CTSAC are encouraged to take part in child-selected group activities. Standard staff practices and policies include attention to positive reinforcement and empowerment, modeling expectations of socially appropriate behavior and preventative behavioral techniques.

Our unique approach centers around the group reward and discipline system which has been proven very effective and a positive guide towards creating a safe and fun environment which benefits all children.

The CTSAC Difference

Our Team is dedicated to creating a healthy, positive and developmentally appropriate environment which ensures the safety, well-being and happiness of each child enrolled in our program.

CTSAC has been a reputable service in the Carlisle Community since 1985. Over the years, the program has evolved into a highly enriching and constructive program focused on shaping Emotionally Intelligent children through active play.

Our program has several distinctive characteristics, all of which contribute to the overall success of the program.

  • Privately Owned Small Business in the Carlisle Community
  • Organic and meaningful relationships with our families
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Lower Student:Teacher Ratios
  • Close-working relationships with Classroom Teachers
  • Teacher and Program Standards exceed Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Regulations
  • Conveniently held in the Multi-Purpose Room in each elementary school — no additional transportation required 

Our children can learn to be successful adults when they are placed in an environment where parents, teachers and community come together with a common goal – making a positive impact in a child’s life.

CTSAC does reserve the right to decline services if we feel that we cannot meet your child’s needs in our program. A notice of seven (7) days will be issued to allow parents/guardians to find alternative care. CTSAC teachers are trained to greatly exceed the minimal standards mandated by the State. We do not provide training for our staff in specific mental health areas. If you have questions regarding your child’s specific needs please call the CTSAC Office.